Save big with our selection of bargain used vehicles

Buying a new car is a big financial investment, even if you are able to secure a competitive rate for a Ford sedan, truck, or SUV. To save money and stick within a budget, it's not uncommon for shoppers to set aside their desires of driving away with a brand-new ride and choosing a quality used vehicle.

Our bargain vehicles come from a variety of brands aside from Ford, though we do have plenty in stock. These vehicles are priced under $15K, with most of them costing less than $10K. Because these are at a lower price point than our standard used vehicles, the model years can go back quite far. There are some recent vehicles, but most are from 2010 and older.

Take the next steps

Once you've searched our bargained used inventory, you can start playing around with financing. You can fill out our secure application or if you want to take things slowly you can provide your contact information, tell us the time frame in which you're interested in buying a car, and keep in touch with us online.

For more information on getting a quality vehicle at a low price, contact us or stop into our dealership this week. We're located in Bennington VT, but because we border two states we also serve shoppers from Troy NY as well as Pittsfield MA and beyond.