You always hear about spring cleaning for your house this time of year, but what about your car? Dirt, grime, and salt can accumulate on your vehicle over the winter and dull its appearance. Without a yearly deep clean, the dirt and debris could ruin your paint finish and create pockets of rust that can lead to serious problems later. Coggins Ford of Bennington can perform many other spring maintenance tasks for Bennington drivers that can preserve the look and performance of their car. Keep reading to learn about other spring service tips that can get your vehicle ready for spring road trips.

Tire Service and Sales

As temperatures get warmer this spring, your tire pressure can rise. If the pressure increases past your manufacturer specification (because you added air during the winter), it can lead to overinflation, which can cause premature tire wear. Coggins Ford of Bennington’s service center can check to see that your tires have the correct air pressure. If your tires are balding, they may hydroplane on rain-slick roads in Troy, NY. We carry a vast selection of tires in wide array of brands and sizes, so we can surely find tires that fit your vehicle and needs.

Wiper Replacement and Fluid Top-Offs

The ice and snow this year may have worn down your windshield wiper blades. Our technicians can replace the wipers on your car, so you can see better during heavy thunderstorms in Albany. You’ll also want to check the coolant level and mix in your radiator. Make sure it’s not too old — an important factor for avoiding overheating as temperatures gradually climb. Top off other fluids in your car as well, like windshield wiper fluid and brake fluid. While it’s normal to use a lot of wiper fluid during Rutland, VT winters, low brake fluid could signal a leak or other problem in the system that should receive immediate attention.

Cabin and Engine Air Filter Replacements

Spring is also known for pollen and allergies. Brattleboro drivers can keep them out or minimize their presence in the cabin by replacing the filter in their climate control system. Most manufacturers recommend changing the cabin air filter every 30,000 miles. Just as you need to breathe clean air, so does your car’s engine. Spring is a good time for people in Pittsfield, MA to check the air filter to ensure that the old one hasn’t been clogged by dirt or other impurities. A filter contaminated by oil or other fluids can also be a sign of larger engine problems.

These are just some of the things people in Bennington should consider when getting their car ready for spring driving. Contact Coggins Ford of Bennington to schedule service today.

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